The dry air

I have never been to the desert and I don’t know that it’s an environment I would care to visit. I’m most comfortable in colder climates or around water for that matter. So I doubt I am someone who you would want to be Naked and Afraid with in a desert (might be the worst show on television but that’s neither here nor there).

If I am being honest with myself though and I took away the lack of love for warmer climates and was choosing to go to the desert anyways-there is a slight feeling of intimidation that I have. There is a lot of unknown involved in the desert and since I am on the path of discovery, I decided to do some research. After being balls deep into Google searches for the past hour this is what I have learned.

To be considered a desert, there has to be little to no precipitation deeming it hard for plant and animals to survive and flourish being that the living conditions are hostile. One third of the world’s surface is some sort of desert. Because there is little to no vegetation to protect the ground, erosion occurs creating the sand. That’s my super simplified version on the science of deserts and sand and I am sticking to it! Thanks wiki

Fun fact: Antarctica is the largest desert in the world with an area of over 14 million square feet.

See?? It’s this kind of shit that blows my mind. You say Antarctica and I picture icebergs, snow, ice, water and polar bears. Now I’m 100% confused-but reading the definition of a desert again, this totally makes sense. Antarctica is a cold and DRY place with notĀ a ton of vegetation or growth and minimal precipitation. The ice is a sheet over the land mass creating a hostile environment for growth. Its called a tundra.

The other interesting thing I found out about on my adventure into the abyss known as Google is that Antarctica doesn’t have a native human population which obviously means no government. Due to exploration and the need for scientists to understand everything involved with the Earth, 12 countries got together between 1959-1961 and developed the Antarctica Treaty which from what I understand is basically to ensure no military and weapons unload there and to give equal opportunity for discovery by all countries. Big surprise on the U.S. being one of the twelve that’s for sure! Overall, this treaty is probably one of the better things to happen to the world especially now with global warming being the most important nd immediate problem we face. It allows for research to occur in a part of the world that is directly being effected by the G.W. without everything being stopped and prolonged due to politics and conflicting governments etc. YAY WORLD!

So to bring this full circle, who knew that deserts can be both hot and barren AND cold and barren. Now knowing this, I have an interest in deserts (of the cold variety) and hopefully one day I will get to visit one-I can only imagine how beautiful it is in its simplicity. One more thing added to the bucket list!



And so it begins..

I would say I am a very curious person, generally asking a million questions. Developing a billion opinions on pretty much anything and everything is what gets me out of bed in the morning. At least once a day I have a conversation with someone in my life about something I know nothing about and I genuinely try to learn more. I would also say I have a hyper active mind which makes it difficult to remember all of these new and exciting things I am trying to learn about which is very frustrating by the way. So that leads me to this blog. Let’s be honest with each other and just agree that this is for me more than you!

Green eyes

Maybe I should introduce myself first. My name is Megan and yes of course I have green eyes. If you haven’t figured it out already, I am not a literary genius and I type as if I am speaking so excuse the terrible grammar. I am a sarcastic and outgoing person which leads to peoples first impressions of me being very interesting. I am passionate about the things I love and I am open to everything. Laughing makes my world go round. I am a closet romantic, definitely the girl who said she didn’t like flowers in the beginning of a relationship and then changed her mind. I was extremely athletic in my early 20’s and then life happened and I am now a lot more cushy than before which is one of the many things I am working to improve. Family is everything to me and I consider my friends family.

I am married to my best friend Jared (you will hear lots more about our crazy antics i’m sure) and together we live in a house under renovations with our 40% cuddly, 60% crazy but 100% lovable chocolate Lab Kokanee.


My one and onlys

I come from a family of 6 with an older half brother Ryan (Leits is what he goes by), a younger sister Stephanie and a younger brother Bobby. Leits has since gotten married to a magical unicorn also known as Nikki, one of my besties, and together they produced the most adorable little man Maxwell! They are a huge part of my life so you will definitely get to know them as well.

My dad, Bob, is the strong silent type but was my biggest supporter and biased fan growing up making sure I made it to every game and every commitment on time which for him was half an hour early anywhere we went. I blame my expectations on people being late on him for sure. It didn’t matter to him if I was playing soccer or doing musical theater-he wanted me to have fun and be the best I could be no matter what. Lucky for him I was a total tom boy growing up so thankfully he only had to suffer through one year of the musical theater part of my curiosity.

Now my mom on the other hand, Susan, is a different relationship entirely. Growing up we had the typical mother daughter relationship-she didn’t understand the struggles of a girl trying to survive her teen years and I didn’t understand why she hated me. It took moving out to go to University a few provinces away and then moving home again to recognize how important she is to me. She was taking care of 4 kids and being the oldest middle child, I was an attention seeking handful. Obviously in the moment you don’t realize that but when I was in B.C. I did some growing up and I was able to see everything she did and how much I needed her in my life. My sense of being is a result of everything she taught me. Our relationship has developed into something I hold so close to my heart and she continues to show me how to be a better person everyday!

My sense of curiosity stems from my entire family and the diverse personalitiesĀ it includes which has lead me here.

So what will this blog be about?


I want to keep a log of my life everyday. I want to share my exploration into the unknown. I want to talk about ideas from people as well as my own. I want to detail experiences I go through and remember it all in the process.

Enjoy the ride because I know I sure will.